School Council

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At Widney we have a good understanding of the way a democratic council works. Every school year, children from each class prepare a speech to win votes from their class in order to be voted in a school council representative. Each class has a boy and a girl representative. Classes discuss issues every fortnight and these are taken forward to School Council meetings. The link teacher is Miss Fletcher, who represents to teachers. Other adults are sometimes invited to meetings so that the council can make informed choices and decisions.

School Councillors 2016-17  
3A William Liz
3B Sam Lacey-Leigh
4L Turan Krishma
4W Jai Evie
5N Jacob Amelia
5R Samuel Subhangi
6C Jack Lilly
6P Ethan Tamarah


Click here to see what a difference our School Council Makes.

The school Council were given £10,000 to refurbish the original 1968 toilets- they look magnificent!

In October 2014, the School Council revised our behaviour reward system- smilies all the way!

In January 2015, the School Council visited the Mayor’s Parlour in Solihull and held a debate in the chamber around our Healthy Tuck Policy.

In February  2015, the School Council led the whole school in changing the official school logo and the colour of our uniform! We can’t wait for September 2015!