The Farm

The Farm was created in 2015 with a National Lottery grant. The farm houses our 5 resident hens who lay a range of multi coloured eggs which we raffle off each week in school. In February 2016, we welcomed two additional members- Rocky (Striped coat) and Oreo, our pygmy goats. Mrs Kreidemann and Mrs Smyth look after the farm and pupils help clean and care for the animals. The chickens have wonderful singing voices and can often be heard throughout the day- especially by Mr Chamberlain as his office overlooks the Farm. Rocky and Oreo get on very well with the hens and they do not mind it when the hens lay eggs in their house. Rocky and Oreo can often be seen racing around the farm jumping up on the bridge. In the cold weather, the animals love a snack of hot sweetcorn and carrots. They are a very much loved part of our school.