Our House System


The Widney logo celebrates our House system identity with the 4 tress- Ash, Beech, Chestnut and Oak. All of these trees can be found within our wonderful school grounds.

In September, the whole school community elects a boy and a girl from Year 6 to be the House Captains for each team. These children have the responsibility of being positive role models for their team and to organise “House” events throughout the year. These include the markets for our Charity Week in February, sporting events throughout the year including the legendary “Pancake Race” and also our Sports Afternoon which concludes our well-being week in July.

A boy and a Girl are also elected to be Widney’s Head Boy and Girl. They work alongside the House Captains and represent the school at public events throughout the year.

Sports Day Cup= Beech winnersRESIZE

HOUSE Interesting Fact
ASH(Blue) Ash trees can live to over 400 years old and are the 3rd most common tree in Britain
BEECH(RED) Beech trees prefer drier soil and can live up to 1000 years. The leaves have fine hair on them which eventually falls off.
CHESTNUT(Yellow) Introduced to Britain in the 1600s and when the leaf falls it leaves a scar on the twig which looks like an inverted horse shoe.
OAK(Green) Acorns are not produced until the tree is about 40 years old. The most productive time is between 80 and 120 years for producing acorns.


Look at our new school logo. Can you identify the different houses from the symbol?


Our House Captains have the responsibility of being positive role models for all of the children in their house. Throughout the year, the House Captains organise team activities, special celebrations and represent the school at different events.


Every Monday, the House captains present the total number of smiley rewards collected by their team in Mr Chamberlain’s assembly. The winning house gets the House Point trophy with their house colour ribbon on for the week.